How to Use An Android Device As Second Monitor For Your PC

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If you are a hardcore multitasker , then dual monitors can increase your productivity to a different level. If you are doing animations, game development, programming or video editing, and if there is any need of dual monitor to display little information, then you can always use your Android device as a second monitor.  But as you know Android Screens are smaller than the common PC monitors, so you can use it for displaying tiny information. If you want to play some video from your computer while doing other works then Using Android Device As Second Monitor is thee perfect choice. And in this method, we don’t have to use messy wires. Because this method will work over Wi-Fi.


  • Download  SpaceDesk For PC here
  • Download SpaceDesk For Android Device here


Steps To Follow For Using Your Android Device As Second Monitor :

  • Download SpaceDesk driver for your PC and install it.
  • After the installation completed, reboot your PC to activate the driver.
  • Now install SpaceDesk application on your Android Device from PlayStore.
  • Make sure your android phone is connected to same Wi-Fi network as of PC.
  • Then open the SpaceDesk app on your Android Device. In most of the tie the app should automatically detect your computer. If not then untick the “Auto Network Search” and enter your computer local IP address manually. After that you can tap “Connect” to get connected with PC.
  • After that you will see the computer primary screen will be mirrored on your Android Device. But if you want to extend your PC screen and use Android Device as dual monitor, then go to Display Settings and from the dropdown menu choose “Extend Display” option.

So like this, you can use your Android Phone or tablet as dual monitor for your PC. If you are facing any problem the comment below…



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