Popular Apps Made With Firebase

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A lots of developer including me are using Firebase in many projects. It’s simple, fast and easy to integrate. It’s not everything. Firebase offers lots of features which can help you make your app perfect.

Features Offered By Firebase

  • Realtime Database
  • Crash Reporting
  • Cloud Firestore
  • Authentication
  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Storage
  • Hosting
  • Test lab For Android
  • Performace Monitoring
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Dynamic Links
  • Predictions
  • Remote Config

And also another major thing about firebase is it’s not expensive. As a developer you can try it for free and later you can only pay according to your usage. But every newbies have one question in mind. Can we use firebase in complex projects? or What are some popular apps made with Firebase?

Popular Apps Made With Firebase

Every apps don’t use all features from Firebase..


There are so many apps like AyeFabulous, Onefootball, Glide, Jampp, Musixmatch, Shazam, sky scanner, tune-in or kk-box made using Firebase. Except Aye other apps don’t use all features of Firebase. And this is not it. There are so many other apps who use firebase. I will update the list when i get data about that.

Aye is a social media application. Specially for chat and topic feeds. I know that they use complete firebase. No third party services includes. I know it because I personally know the developer.

As mentioned in Firebase website these are some comments from popular app owners..


Firebase is an incredibly powerful tool to have so much functionality -Remote Config, Analytics, BigQuery, and more that help us with smarter targeting and insights, under it one umbrella.—Tejas Mistry, product manager, NPR

Firebase completely freed our engineers from managing campaign infrastructure, and helped our team to be more effective and our campaigns to perform better—which is a huge win for us.—Eran Orlev, Head of Mobile Products, Playbuzz


But what I think is Firebase is pretty effective. There are some limitations right now. But it’s always possible to combine your client side code with cloud functions to get what you want.

I will update this post with latest application data…

Stay Tuned..



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