Best Android Apps For Programmers And Developers

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In this modern world, if a person knows how to code, then he can win the world by some coding magic. Programmers or coders generally use computers for their coding or programming works. But I am here with some of the best android apps for programmers which can make their life simpler. So here is the list of some of the best android apps for programmers or developers..

So in this list of best android apps for developers we are going to include many different types of apps which is related to programming.

  •  AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++ : 

    Let’s start with AIDE android app. When I was new to the world of programming. I started with this android app. It was so fun to learn by practicing simple coding exercises. This app comes with premium Learn to code materials including Java, Android, Game Development and Android wear courses. By using this app you can create simple android,java,c,c++ or wear app with a single click. It’s user interface is so easy to use. And it has also inbuilt debugger which can be accessed through in app purchases. It has so many other features which makes this app easy for beginners.

  • SoloLearn: Coding Community :Best Android Apps For Programmers

    Initially sololearn published many tutorial applications like Learn Java , Learn Python on the playstore. But recently SoloLearn released a coding community for coders all over the world. It has so many cool features with coding competitions and inbuilt code compiler.  Here people can share their code online and other peoples can see their codes in action on their android smartphones. So this is one of the best coding community for your android smartphone.

  • Algorithms: Explained & Animated :

    Best Android Apps For Programmers

    If you are weak like me in the field of algorithm, then you can try this android app to practice different algorithms. The wide ranging field of algorithms are explained clearly with some nice animations in this application. You will learn algorithms on many categories like Sorting, Clustering, List Search, graph Search, Math, Data Compression, Security, Data Structures, Recursion and many more


  • DroidEdit (free code editor) :

    DroidEdit is a text or code editors just like Notepad++ and Gedit. But this applications for android phones and tablets. You will get syntax highlighting of several popular programming languages like c, c++, c#, java, html, css, javascript and many more. Also there are other basic features like bracket matching, character encoding and much more.

  • DroidScript – JavaScript IDE :

    It is a javascript IDE by which you can easily create applications for your android phones or tablets from anywhere. Also it has an easy to use Wifi editor by which you can edit code on any device or you can edit the codes directly from your android phone. Also using this app is a great way to learn JavaScript.


Here are the best Android apps for programmers or developers. I will keep the list updated. If you guys know any other cool android app for programmers then let me know it by our comment sections. Please subscribe to my blog for getting updated with new articles. Thank you…




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