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Watching movies or watching other type of locally stored videos in your android mobile phone is everyone’s daily activity. But as you know to play videos every android phone requires a video player. There are so many codecs available. But every android video player app will not support all codecs. So some of the best video player for android are listed below.

So here is the list of best video player for android:

  • MX Player  :

mxplayer video playerMX Player is at the top of our best video players for android list. It has so many powerful features like swipe gestures or pinch to zoom available. But those are not the main features of this video player. The main feature is it supports both software and hardware encoding for playing broad variety of file formats. It has also screen lock while playing videos in it. Also you can manage the subtitles in a different way while using this app. While playing any movie , just click on the subtitle option. It has so many options like, you can search subtitles online without closing the video. Or you can add files from your local storage. You can also control the playback speed. You can also stream online videos using Mx player video player app. These are some reason why MX Player is at the top of the list.

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  • VLC For Android :    

vlcYou can call VLC Media player a all in one media player . You can throw any file format at vlc video player and it will play it. It can play mp3 , mp4 or some other file format like mkv or flac. You can also stream online videos in this application. It has some other features like you can add subtitle, or you can control the playback speed.

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  • KM Player :

KMPlayer-for-Android-5   It is also another good video player android . It supports many video files and comes with other features like library viewer and cloud storage supports. It also supports subtitle. You can also change the playback speed . So it is also a good option.

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  • Plex :

    plex-update-608x399If you have 32Gb storage in your android phone but the file size is more than that then this app is for you. It will allow you to create a server on your computer and it will play video on your phone from your computer. So this is what makes it unique than other video players for android.

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  • Wondershare Video Player :

    wondershare-player-5451967c30cac-700x535It has some unique features compared to other applications. It can play videos from sites like YouTube, Vevo, TED, ESPN, and even Hulu (US only). Just like VLC and MX Player it supports streaming from links.

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  • MoboPlayer :

    moboplayer-002It has so many unique features like it supports so many file formats by using its software encoding method. It also supports subtitles, library view and main thing is you can play video while using other apps through a floating window.

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  • GPlayer  for android :

    gplayerIts main feature is that it can play videos in windowed mode. By using this feature you can play multi videos simultaneously by using this video player.

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  • Archos Video Player for Android:

    video player for androidArchos doesn’t build only hardware it has a good video player app in the market too. It supports vast number of file formats. It supports subtitle. It has an additional subtitle downloader too. It also supports online video streaming.

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  • ALLCAST Video Player For Android:

    allcast video player for androidIt supports streaming your video on larger screen like chromecast, Apple Tv, Roku and other devices supporting DLNA. Users can stream videos with subtitles. It supports playing from local storage as well as cloud storage. The free demo comes with a 5 minutes watching limit per one video.

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So these are some good video player for android . I will update more video player app in this list when i discover any other good application.



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