Top 10 Best Xposed Framework Modules For Android Marshmallow and Lolipop

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In this post you will find the list of top 10 best xposed modules for marshmallow. So After installing Xposed Framework on your android phone, you can customize anything on your android phone. You can do system level changes without messing up with codes. Xposed Framework uses modules by which you can easily customize the look and feel of your android device. You can get Xposed Framework on all devices which has minimum 4.1 android version. But unfortunately all modules will not work on marshmallow. So the best xposed modules for marshmallow are listed below.

Best Xposed Modules For Marshmallow and Lolipop :


I think every xposed users use gravity box in their phone. It has a lot of customization option.

Main Features:

  • You can customize,reorder and add some additional quick settings tiles.
  • You will have CyanogenMod Pie Controls
  • There are so many options to customize your Lockscreen,StatusBar,Navigation bar,power,display,media,hardware key actions,dialer,launcher.
  • You can record your screen.
  • Smart Radio
  • You can control the notification i.e. per-app notification LED, sounds, vibrations


#2 Amplify-Battery Extender:

If you are also a user whose battery gets drained so quickly after updating to lolipop or marshmallow then ampilfy battery extender is the solution for that problem.

Amplify manages the device such that how often a device can wake up, How long it can stay awake. You can try it with the recommended settings for easy battery savings. For best performance you can use it with greenify too.


#3 Youtube Background Playback :

Many people use youtube to listen some music. But when you play something on youtube if you do some other work on that android phone then it’s true that the video playback will stop. So Youtube Background Playback is the module which can play all youtube videos in the background by this way you can do some other works and listen to some youtube music simultaneously.


#4 Zoom For Instagram :

Instagram is a popular image sharing platform. More than 200million people have an account on instagram. But unfortunately you can not view some certain picture clearly without zooming it out. So zoom for instagram is a module which let you do this.


#5 Greenify :

best xposed modules

Greenify let’s you identify and hibernate all the misbehaving applications in your phone. That makes your phone faster and it consumes less battery. But by using greenify your apps are still alive unlike force stop. So as I mentioned before the combination of amplify and greenify is best for saving battery life.


#6 Awesome pop-up video:

By using this module you can play all of your video in a popup screen while using another app. Just imagine you are watching a movie and a friend messaged you, now no need to stop the movie. Just switch to this module and start watching movie while using other apps.


#7 Screen Filter :

It makes your screen dimmer by which your eyes don’t hurt. It’s far more powerful than the default brightness control.


#8 XPrivacy :

It controls the permissions a application can access. In a simple word it prevents the applications to leak any sensitive data.


#9 Youtube Adway :

It is a module which blocks the advertisements from youtube. If you are on mobile data and you don’t want to waste data on ads then this module is for you. But to be honest respect video makers and don’t block ads.


#10 XInternalSD:

It is a module for those who are on CM rom with less internal memory . It can make the performance of the phone faster.


So these are some of the best Xposed Modules for marshmallow and lolipop. I hope you liked this article. It will be better if you let your friends know about this article.


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