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How To Bypass Android Lock Screen

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People use locks to secure their android phone. No strangers can not access their phones. Their data will bee secured. But what if the owner of the phone forgets the password of his/her phone or a friend pranked you by changing your phone’s password without informing you. Wait don’t smash your phone against a wall or friend’s face. Now I am going to share some methods by which you can bypass android lock screen easily. This method will work in every type of locks like pattern, pin, password etc.

Method 1 : Use ADB To Delete The Password File

deleting the password file (how to bypass android lockscreen)

Note : This method will only work if you have enabled your USB Debugging previously and also allowed the computer to connect your device via ADB.

So if everything is okay, connect your android smartphone with your computer via Data Cable. Then open the command prompt in the directory where adb is installed. Now you have to enter the following command.

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

Now reboot your phone. You will see the lock screen is gone. But this is temporary. Change the password of your android smartphone asap before rebooting it again. So this is the first method by which you can bypass your android lock screen.

Method 2 : Perform A Factory Reset

wipe data recovery how to bypass android lock screen

Warning- It will delete all your data.

This process depends on your device. It will work if the bootloader of your device is unlocked. Now power off your android device. Press Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. Now it will take you to the bootloader menu. Then select Recovery Mode option there and in recovery mode you will find a option called wipe data / factory reset. Now there you can factory reset your phone. After that reboot your device then you will find no lock screen there. So now you can bypass android lock screen.

Method 3 : Crash The Lock Screen UI

If your android is encrypted and running version 5.0 to 5.1 then there is a hope that this method will work.

First of all go to emergency call option on the lock screen. Then enter 10 asterisk “*” , copy it by double tapping on the text field and paste it there again. Repeat this process until the select option by double tapping stops.

Now go back to lock screen and click on the camera icon , now pull down the notification screen and tap on setting option. It will ask you for password, now long press on the text field and tap on paste. Repeat this process, at some time the lock screen will crash. Now you can enter into the android device. So thus you can bypass android lock screen using emergency call and without resetting your device.

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Method 4 : Use Android Device Manager :

android device manager How to bypass android lockscreen

All new android smartphones are coming with a service called Android Device Manager. Make sure that you are logged in with a google account in your android device.

Now go to this Link .

Now go to your device model in device manager page. You will see a option Lock , tap on it. You will be prompted to enter a new password . After clicking Lock in 5 minutes the password of your android device will be changed. Now you can access this phone again.

I hope this article about android screen lock bypass helped you. Which method worked for you comment below. Or do you know any other hacks or tricks to bypass android lock screen. If yes then comment below. Or if you are facing any problem ? Then comment below.




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