How to enable stereo sound on your Google Pixel XL

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As you all know that Google launched its new flagship phone called Pixel XL. It has tons of great features. But Its one downside is Pixel XL doesn’t have stereo speakers. But the great thing about android is its development community. We can fix any type of issue on android by customizing it on our own way. So there is no limitations on android.

So now we are going to enable Stereo Sound On Google’s new Pixel XL phone.  Developer chdloc has already found a great way to enable stereo sound on pixel xl. It will work by activating the earpiece a a speaker in addition to the bottom firing one. It will make the audio experience of this phone absolutely top notch. Now let’s start this article..


Step 1:

Download the modified mixer_paths.xml file here .

Chdloc’s stereo mod involves a lots of code editing works. So this modified file make everything easy for you.

Step 2:

Now go to root explorer, or any other root enabled file browser. Go to /system/etc folder. Now long press the existing mixer_paths.xml file. Then rename it and add a “.bak” at the end. So that it will be ‘mixer_paths.xml.bak’ .

Step 3:enable-true-stereo-sound-your-pixel-xl-w1456

Now go to your download folder and copy the modified xml file. Then go back to /system/etc and paste it inside the folder. After that long press on the newly copied mixer_paths.xml file. Then choose the ‘Permissions’ option from menu. Make sure the owner category is set to “Read” and “Write”, While all other categories are set to “Read”, After doing everything right, reboot your pixel xl to make the changes take effect.

 Step 4:

After the reboot when you play sound, you will see that sound is not balanced properly on both speakers.  To fix this you have to run two shell commands. These commands will be executed everytime you reboot your phone, Firstly you can run the command manually after each reboot or you can have a tasker to automatically do this for you.

Download the app called Terminal Emulator  from playstore. Open the app. Type su  and hit enter. Grant the root access request. Now  enter the following commands one by one and hit enter.

echo 0x210f > /sys/kernel/debug/tfa98xx-34/regs/06-AUDIO_CTR

echo 0x8093 > /sys/kernel/debug/tfa98xx-34/regs/04-I2SREG # right channel only

Now you can see your stereo sound is balanced. But you have to run these commands after each reboot.


So this is how you can enjoy high quality audio on your pixel xl.




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