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How to remove google redirect virus

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Sometimes when you try to go to any site on your browser, you may see that browser is redirecting the page to google homepage. This is the google redirect virus. And in this tutorial we gonna learn how to removeĀ  google redirect virus. Firstly, what is this google redirect virus. The answer is it is a malware. It makes some users to search on google. And it shows some ads. And if the user clicks on those ads. The creator of that malware makes money. Some redirect virus also contains spyware. Which can store all your keys or steal all your cookies and send those to the hacker’s database. So Google redirect virus removal or any other redirect virus removal is so necessary, if you want to make your computer so secure. So in this tutorial we are going to learn about how to remove redirect virus manually. Also I am going to mention some redirect virus removal tool. So how to get rid of redirect virus?

Steps To Remove Google Redirect Virus

redirect virus can be at anywhere of your computer. Your anti virus may fail to detect this redirect virus. So there are a lot of ways you can remove browser redirect virus. It’s better to try all of them to remove the search engine redirect virus. I am going to mention some of the google redirect virus fix method.


Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 1

Make sure that your anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall is up to date. I recommend you to use Malwarebyte’s Anti Malware. After updating or installing anti malware scan your pc. There is a 30% chance that it will detect search engine redirect virus. If the anti malware detects the browser redirect virus then you can easily fix this automatically.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 2

Remove any suspicious add-on or extensions or toolbars from your browsers like Mozila Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 3

Reset the browser’s setting.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 4

If the search engine virus changed your homepage, then you can manually change the homepage url in the setting option.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 5

Manually remove any unwanted search engine from your browser’s settings.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 6

Modify your window’s host file and remove any unwanted ip address.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 7

Check your proxy settings.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 8

If you see any certain keywords then go to your registry folder and search for that virus if it finds that keyword then delete it or you can search it on your c drive if it finds it then delete it.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 9

See if any unwanted applications are installed on your PC. If you find any unknown application then go and uninstall it.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 10

Use CCleaner and delete unwanted registry and caches.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Step – 11

If everything else fails then uninstall your browser and delete every app data and then install it again. It may help you.

Yes, It’s hard to remove this type of malwares because it has the ability to enable master boot records and makes its own partitions. This virus can be patched in your some core windows files. The hacker can control your PC in his own commands. He can steal any cookie from your PC.

So be careful while browsing on the internet don’t install any cracker or pirated stuffs because it may contain malware.




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