How to decompile an apk file and see its souce code

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Yes, It’s possible to decompile an apk(Android Application) file . You can see its source code and learn things from it . But copying code from it and add it in your own commercial application is a bad idea , very bad idea. So it’s better idea to learn from the codes. You can see how they use the codes. You can play with the codes. So let’s begin the article.

  • You can find a lots of website which can decompile your apk for free . I am going to name some of those here . decompiler)

  • You can decompile the apk file by just compressing it to .zip file. Then you have to convert the .dex file using apktool or you can use dexdump tool which is provided in android sdk.
  • There are also applications for android which decompiles apk files. I personally use Show Java application. But you can find a lot of similar type of application.


Show Java App Playstore link :

  • You can also use apktool to decompile apk files.

apktool link –

So these are some ways by which you can decompile applications.

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