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How to make simple bots for kik without any programming experience

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Everyone knows that it’s fun to play with kik bots. Everyone also interested in making own Kik bots. But the problem is people doesn’t have enough programming knowledge by which they can make Kik bots. So I am going to tell you, how to make Kik bots with zero programming experience . Here I am going to make a simple bot for a small conversation.

So let’s get started ,

Screenshot (100)

  • Go to
  • Now click on login it will show you a kik code. Scan it with the kik applicaation(Orignal). Pull the screen of the kik app down. And you will find the kik code scanner. So scan the code which is displayed on your computer screen.
  • After scanning successful, a kik bot names @botsworth will start . It will show you option for creating a bot. Give it the user id. After succesfully creating the bot . Give it the display name and picture.
  • Now it’s time for real work. So you are reading this article because you don’t know how much about programming. So go to . Then create a account there .
  • Now create an agent .
  • Now go to integration option which is present in the left sidebar. You will find so many options . Enable Kik bot. Now it will ask for the api key and bot name. To find the api key go to the configuration option. Now copy the api key and paste it there.Screenshot (101)
  • Now I am going to add some functionality . To do it go to intent option which is present on the left sidebar . Create a new intent. You will find two option there . One is User says and another is speech response . You have to fill it .Screenshot (102)

Example: User says : You are a Bot !!!

Speech Respsone : No U

  • If you are lazy to write every command manually then there is also an option which will do it for you.stfu
  • To get this feature go to domain option which is present in the left sidebar . There are tons of domains . But all are available only for premium account except one and that one is “Small Talk” .[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”160″ identifier=”1783555130″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”buckydroid-20″ width=”130″]


  • Enable it. It will ask you some questions. Fill it with your answers. Boom your bot is ready. You can test your bot by chatting with it.

So by this way you can make a kik bot without any programming experience.



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