How Big Companies Manage 1 Billion Users data In Seconds

By October 26, 2017 No Comments

Companies like Facebook, Google or Twitter store billions and billions of users data in their database.  Ever wondered? after keeping that type of data in large numbers, how they manage to retrieve and display the information in less than one second.

Facebook Database Center

The good news is, they don’t store whole data in one giant table. It is actually made up of multiple tables. Tools like Oracle or MySQL etc. handle those massive amounts of data pretty easily. Tables are linked with each other to get the information in them fairly efficiently. Those tools actually don’t care about numbers of data. They just need specific reference points, then they can quickly retrieve the data.

Technically, those huge numbers of data actually stored on database split across thousands of machines. Every piece of information has an id associated with it. and each ID maps to a particular portion of the database hosted by a particular set of machines responsible for that portion of the database. Software abstractions allow you to fetch the data associated with various ids efficiently without worrying about details of how data stored across the machines.



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