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How to make a price comparision website in India?

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Once I had to make a product price comparision website(app) with deals and coupons feed data. But i searched the web for some apis, which I can use on my app. I found price comparision websites like PriceTree, PriceCheckIndia . But their data is completely outdated. So no benefits if we use their api. Finally after lot of researching I found It’s service is so awesome. And they provide the best price comparision api..

DataYuge Features

It gives a lot of features like,

  • Search Product
  • Product Details
  • Product Specs
  • Product Prices
  • Suggested Keywords

Make Price Comparision WebsiteIt comes with two plans, One is free with a limit of 100 daily api calls and enterprise plan with 3000-5000. But trust me its quality is on top of my list.

How To Get API Key

I was so happy after looking at their demo. Then i went to price comparision page. And there was only contact us page to request api key. So I contacted them. Waited more than 7days. But got no reply. I was losing hope. Then  I accidentally found a link

And it directly redirected me to a registration page and after sign up direct api key for free usage.

It also doesn’t take any comissions. You have to add your affiliate usernames and you are ready. If you are not a developer, then comment below i will make a step by step guide about how to make a price comparision website or app.

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