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How To Prevent DDOS Attacks

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In this article we are going to know about what is DDOS attacks, its types and how to prevent ddos attacks .

What is Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS):

As I already said on the sub heading, DDOS is the short form of Distributed Denial Of Service. So Distributed Denial Of Service is generally a type of DOS attack. Where multiple systems are used to target a single system. Those systems can be infected with trojans or any other harmful malware, Which can cause serious damage to the targeted system. So This causes a Denial of Service Attack (DOS).

What is Denial Of Service Attack (DOS) :

A Denial Of Service attack is an attempt which is made to make a resource which can be a machine or network resource unavailable for the users who uses it. Many websites gets affected with this type of attacks. But don’t worry we are also going to learn about the protection or mitigation of the DOS attacks which are caused by Distributed Denial Of Service(DDOS) attack. By which you can protect against ddos.

Difference Between DOS and DDOS :

Distributed Denial Of Service and Denial of Service attacks are not similar to each other. Their attacking process is different. In DOS attack, it uses one computer and one internet connection to flood a targeted system or resource. But in case of DDOS, as I said before it uses multiple infected computers and internet connections to attack the targeted resource.

ddos attack prevention and mitigationHow DDOS Works:

Just take an example of a website. Which is made on a hosting, which can handle less traffic. Now a hacker will send more than enough requests to the website with different Trojans. What will happen is the website won’t be able to take that much requests and the website will go dead. So protection from DDOS attacks is important.

Types Of DDOS Attacks:

Depending upon the connection we can divide DDOS attacks into two different categories..

  1. Connection Based: This type of attacks require a connection between a server and a client. This type of attack generally occurs once a connection between the victim and the hacker has been established via certain protocols.
  2. Connection less: It does not require a specific connection before attacking the victim.

According to the network infrastructure we can divide a DDOS attack in three different categories..

  1.  Volumetric Attacks :  This is a connection less attack. This type of attacks also known as Flood. In this method the hacker generally sends so much traffic which crosses the bandwidth limit of the target. This types of attacks are generally executed using botnets. You can call botnets an army of computers with infected or malicious software.
  2. TCP state (Exhaustion Attacks) : This types of attacks are generally targeted to the firewalls, web servers and load balancers to create specific disturbance.
  3. Application Layer Attacks (Connection Based) : In OSI model, application layer is presented at the 7th part of the layer. This attack is targeted towards the 7th layer. After finding a weakness in the application layer. The goal of the hacker is to establish a connection to the system. This type of connection usually hard to detect. Because it requires low traffic rate, which appears to be legitimate.

DDOS attack Protection or Mitigation Techniques:

Anti DDOS steps:

  • The very first important thing is to identify the ddos attack first. Identifying the ddos attack more early means more better for your server .
  • Getting better bandwidth available for your server. Always keep more than enough bandwidth which is required to for your server. This won’t prevent DDOS attack but it will take longer time. By which you will get some extra time to act.
  • If you own your own web server then you can defend at network parameter by  rate limit your router, add filters to drop packets to different sources of attacks, time out half opened connections more aggressively. Also set lower SYN, ICMP and UDP flood drop thresholds.
  • If you don’t have much idea about these things, then go and contact your hosting providers quickly. They can try their best prevent the DDOS attacks.
  • There are also Special DDOS mitigation service provided by Cloudflare and many other companies. By which they can help you to prevent the DDOS attacks. Also many companies offer cheap ddos protection and dos protection.

So these are some options you can follow in order to prevent, protect or mitigation of DDOS attacks. If you want to modify something then please comment. Thank you so so much.

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