Programming Languages Used By Google

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As everyone knows is the most busy site on the universe. 57,500 people do google search on every 1 second. When any people needs some help in anything, then the first idea comes to his mind about searching for help on google. If you are a programmer, then a question always comes to your mind that popular sites like google are made with which programming languages. So in this article I am going to answer your question by showing the Programming Languages Used By Google .

Google uses 4 programming languages as their main or prevalent languages, and those are..

  • C++
  • Java
  • javascript
  • Python

They never officially said, what programming languages they are using. But if you check their job requirements, you will see that those 4 programming languages are mentioned at so many places. But they don’t use these 4 languages only.

languages-used-at-googleProgramming Languages Used By Google At Back-End (Server-Side):

There are many languages used in the back-end including ..

  • C
  • C++
  • Go
  • Python
  • Java

C++ mainly powers the compute-intensive back-end services. Many scripts in Google also written using Python. Java has a special role in application logics. Also Google uses its own programming language, which is GO in the back-end

Programming Languages Used By Google At Front-End :


Google uses a lot of JavaScript for different types of Client Side Operations. The type of JavaScript written at Google is so different than the JavaScript you see in common. Also Google has developed an optimized JavaScript compiler for better optimization different services.

Databases Used By Google :

There are two main databases which are used by google and they are,

  • BigTable
  • MariaDB

So these are the main programming languages used at google . Except these there also use of other programming languages in small scripts. I will keep this post updated with some new informations. If you want to suggest me something then please comment below.



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