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How To Search Reddit Posts Of Every Article You Read On The Internet

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Reddit is a social media, web content rating and discussion website. Here people post links, text, images. Users can Up vote or Down vote any post and people can comment about those posts. So if any article link is shared in the Reddit means you can see what people says about that topic on Reddit. You can start discussing on that topic on Reddit. So I am going to share some tips by which you can view any Reddit page of an article you are viewing just by clicking one button. You can do it with computer or an android phone.

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So here is how you can do Reddit search of an article you read on the internet :

For Android :


  • For Android the only thing you need to do is install an application called Search For for reddit
  • Now Go to your browser and start browsing any contents. To search the Reddit page for that content go to share option in your browser and tap on Search For Reddit . Now you will see all the Reddit pages of that link. Now you can read what other people says about that topic.

For PC:

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  • Open Chrome Web browser and Go to this Link and download and install an extension called Reddit Check.
  • Now browse any articles on google chrome. You can see there is a Reddit logo at the extension bar on your chrome. Click on that, You will see all available Reddit pages for that article’s link you are reading.

So this is how you can search Reddit pages of any article easily.




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