How To Stream Videos Online Without Downloading

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Many people don’t like to wait until the download is completed. So if they have better internet connection then they can stream videos online without downloading them. There are also other sites available in which you can stream movies online. Also you can stream videos online without downloading them by using cool video player android apps which are available on playstore (i.e. MX Player, VLC Media Player). If you want to stream torrent videos online then you can do it by using bitlord.

Streaming Videos Without Downloading On Smartphones :

  • For this you have to download and install a video player application called MX Player. You can get it for free from PlayStore. Or if you want you can download alternative media players of MX  Media Player.
  • Now go to your chrome browser, and open any video link you want. It will show different open with options. There you will find MX Player option. Just open it using MX Player and after sometimes it will start streaming the videos online without even downloading them.

 streaming video without downloading them

Streaming Videos Without Downloading Them From Torrent:

The easiest way to do this is to download a torrent client software called Bitlord.

  • Download it here. Then install it.
  • After that go to your favorite torrent sites and download it by Bitlord.
  • You will see that, a play button will appear on the list. Click on it and then enjoy live streaming.

Sites To Stream Free Movies :

If you want to watch free movies online without even downloading them. You can use many popular sites like putlocker or other popular sites. But you can get latest movies for streaming on putlocker.


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